Did Google forget to change the Doodle today?

Is it just you, or when you launched your browser did you happen to do a double take when seeing the same Google Doodle as yesterday?

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Samsung releases Bixby Voice preview for the Galaxy S8/S8+

Samsung announced the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ back in April at its Unpacked event in New York. Aside from some revolutionary and amazing hardware, a new software user interface, and some other neat tricks and perks, the Korean technology company took a long time to share with its attendees a new virtual assistant, exclusive to the new line of smartphones: Bixby.

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Opinion: Android O is just Nougat with sprinkles

Each year, millions of Google loyalists expectantly await the release of their smartphone’s new mobile operating system. And every time, changes take a little getting used to, but ultimately improve both battery life and productivity. Usually, there’s even an element to aesthetic updates which heighten the excitement of the general masses. But in the year 2017, Android fans may be a little disappointed.

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USB-C all the things!

A few years ago, only the most high-end computers and only a handful of smartphones utilized USB Type-C. But in the year of 2017, virtually every laptop and flagship smartphone emerging from the market comes equipped with these high-speed ports for quick charging and data transfer. To be able to come home and use a single cable for charging your phone and your laptop is such as satisfying feeling.

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Android Apps on the Samsung Chromebook Plus

As an ardent fan of Google, its products and services, and of course its partners, I was ecstatic to see the Alphabet branch team up with Samsung to create and release a new and arguably amazing laptop-tablet hybrid earlier this year—the Samsung Chromebook Plus. Not only does this attractive piece of hardware run Chrome OS, it also has the native ability to download and install virtually any Android app from the Google Play Store.

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