Using your phone without paying a penny

Imagine a world where you can use your phone to do phone things: texting, using apps, and yes, even the occasional phone call—but without paying $30+ a month to your corporation of choice.

To those willing to accept a few minor drawbacks, this world can be a reality.

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Before you buy a Galaxy S8+—stop and think

So you’re planning on buying “that new Galaxy phone?”

Which one are you getting?

“The S8 Plus, obviously.”

Yeah. Because you’ve always preferred the bigger phone. You love smartphones and don’t want to hold back on spending all you can to get the best possible. You don’t want to get the smaller, compromising version just to save up a few bucks. You’ve always liked the bigger, 5.5-inch screens and you know from experience that your hand can handle using a phone that big.

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USB-C all the things!

A few years ago, only the most high-end computers and only a handful of smartphones utilized USB Type-C. But in the year of 2017, virtually every laptop and flagship smartphone emerging from the market comes equipped with these high-speed ports for quick charging and data transfer. To be able to come home and use a single cable for charging your phone and your laptop is such as satisfying feeling.

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