Google Allo rumored to launch with SMS support

Over on Google+, Vinoth Ragunathan posted that he believes, from a trusted source, that Allo will launch on September 21 with SMS support.

Here’s his main post:


But you’re probably wondering, where’s the mention of SMS support? Well, he mentions it right here in the comments:

SMS Comment

Vinoth also mentions in his post that Duo will soon be coming to tablets. He states that it will be based on your Google account; meaning, it will come to all tablets, not just LTE ones.

Duo comment

Having both Allo SMS support and soon-to-be Duo for tablets is highly crucial for both apps to survive. And if it’s true, SMS for Allo right from launch day would be a huge, huge plus—especially for those wanting to make it their default messaging app, like me.

But, as you know, Vinoth has clearly stated this as a “rumor.” So don’t get your hopes up too high just yet.

Source: Google+