Google Pixel press image leaked

As we come closer and closer to Google’s Oct. 4 Event, more and more Pixel leaks have come out. Just one week ago, actual photos of the Pixel and Pixel XL leaked, courtesy of Android Police. Now, VentureBeat, home of famous “leakster” Evan Blass, has published press photos of Google’s newest flagships, and a lot has changed on the home screen.

Off the bat, it’s clear the image is running the leaked “Pixel Launcher” with the pull-tab “G” and swipe up app drawer. In addition, the new navigation buttons that Android Police noted early was proven correct. The buttons have shifted from a simple, white border to filled in shapes. The circular home button also boasts an extra, thin circle around.

From top to bottom: Android 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, Pixel leak Via: Android Police
From top to bottom: Android 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, Pixel leak
Courtesy: Android Police

Now, probably the most notable change here is the switch to circular launcher icons. There is definitely (definitely!) going to be a lot of complaining about this as Google moves to a more “uniform, iOS style.” Everything will be force-changed to a circular icon—including third-party apps.

Given, from all of the leaks so far, it is clear Google wants to revamp the name Android and shape their newest flagships to be the “go-to” device. Something big is happening Oct. 4, and we only have 7 more days.

Source: VentureBeat