Google schedules Oct. 4 live stream

With only 6 more days till Google’s Oct. 4 event, the search giant has already gone ahead and scheduled a live stream on their YouTube channel.

The title, simply stating “#madebygoogle,” goes directly with Google’s teaser video last week.

Google’s channel page also allows you to set a reminder to be notified when the event is scheduled to start. I went ahead and set one myself, so if you want to do the same, check the source below labeled “YouTube.”

Now, this part’s a bit confusing. The page states 10:00 AM as the start time for me, but I am unsure as to whether this is CT or PT (I live in CT). Android Police stated that the “event will be held at 9AM in San Francisco,” which would mean 10 AM MT and 11 AM CT. So either the stream starts an hour early or that Android Police‘s invitation is to be there an hour early. Who knows? Check out the source below labeled “stream” and let me know in the comments if your time is different.

Source: YouTube, Stream