Google Assistant vs Siri: The Battle of AI


Google recently announced their flagship smartphones for 2016, the Pixel and Pixel XL, and they come with the exclusive Google Assistant. But how does it stack up against Apple’s own AI, Siri? Let’s take a look.


Siri has an upper hand in this department. You can either set whether you want a male or female voice, along with the freedom of selecting a particular accent. Whereas Google Assistant is a female with an American accent.


Both the assistants can be activated through a simple keyword; “Hey Siri” and “Ok Google” for the iPhone and Pixel respectively. In addition, a long press on the home button also launches them.


Google Assistant, with its deep learning AI, adapts to how you converse with it. In other words, it predicts the next question you’re going to ask.

With Google Assistant, you’re able to have a more natural conversation. For example:

You: Who is James Harden?
Google Assistant: James Harden is an Amercian professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets.
You: How tall is he?
Google Assistant: 6'5'
You: How old is he?
Google Assistant: 27 years old.
You: Who is James Harden?
Siri: James Harden currently plays for the position of point guard for the Rockets.
You: How tall is he?
Siri: He from which team?
You: How old is he?
Siri: What would you like me to find? 😜

Overall, its a tough fight between these two virtual assistants, but personally, I feel Google’s new Assistant takes the edge.

For a detailed comparison, check out MKBHD’s video below: