Photos of LG Watch Style retail box leak, LG Watch Sport and Watch Style user guides published

As the February 8th date for the two upcoming LG Android Wear smartwatches approaches, more and more leaks have surfaced. Now, we get a glimpse of the retail box for the LG Watch Style and the user guides for both wearables.

LG Watch Style retail box

Thanks to GSMArena, we now have a fairly detailed look of what the LG Watch Style’s retail box will appear like. “Designed with our friends at Google” is probably the most insightful lines of text on the box—signifying the “Nexus-like” collaboration between LG and Google.

The LG Watch Style will have 512 MB of RAM and a 240 mAh battery. The display will be a 1.2″ 360×360 OLED and the device has IP67 certification for water and dust resistance. It will come without a heart rate monitor and will not support LTE, GPS or NFC, thus making it cheaper than LG Watch Sport at $249.

User guides

The folks over at Droid Life were one the first to locate both the manuals for the upcoming LG Watch Sport and Watch Style.

Here’s a list of a few key points that stood out after browsing through the guides:

  • Buttons: Both devices feature a rotating crown button that allows you to navigate app lists and notifications (think Apple Watch). The LG Watch Sport, however, features two additional secondary buttons that allow you to launch apps. The top defaults to the Google Fit app and the bottom defaults to Android Pay. You can customize them, though, to whatever you choose and they also are able to control volume up/down during calls.
  • Sensors: The LG Watch Sport will feature a heart rate sensor, GPS, and a barometer; the Watch Style will not have any of these.
  • Charging: The Watch Sport will ship with a charging cradle that lets you drop the device in for charging (similar to a Moto 360), while the Watch Style will use a flat-style charging pad (similar to an Apple Watch).
  • SIM cards: The LG Watch Sport will be the only watch of the two to feature LTE connectivity. Included is a SIM card tool that helps you remove the bottom plate of the watch. From there, you’re able to replace the SIM card it uses to connect to cellular networks. Currently, the manual is only for the AT&T version and it’s not unclear if there will be other versions.
  • Watch bands: The user guides show that you can easily swap the watch bands for the Watch Style using Google’s MODE bands, however, for the Watch Sport, it appears to be a bit more difficult, possibly even needing the use of watch pins and/or tools. The guide also mentions that changing the watch bands on the LG Watch Sport to metal bands may cause Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity problems.

You can download the guides for both watches using the source links at the end of this post or, alternatively, below are a compilied list of images captured from them.

LG Watch Sport user guide

LG Watch Style user guide

Source: GSMArena, Droid Life, LG Watch Sport guide, LG Watch Style guide