Moto 360 2nd Gen Android Wear 2.0 update rolling out now

Android Wear 2.0, after being released way back in February of this year, has seen anything but a quick roll out. Die hard Moto 360 users have been waiting for eternity without any kind of response from Motorola, until today.

While Motorola Support gave the reply that the update will roll out in phases “possibly as early as today,” users across Reddit and XDA have reported already receiving the update. One has even gone ahead and published a video of the update on his 360.

Redditors are also reporting that repeatedly tapping on the green “system is up to date” dialog in Settings will force trigger the update of Wear 2.0. All you’ve got to do is make sure to enable WiFi and disable Bluetooth (on the phone) before proceeding. From referencing multiple images, it appears the build number is “NXH19Q” for the 2nd Gen 2.0 update.

As for the Moto 360 Sport, which I beloved own, Motorola is stating that the 2.0 update is planned but does not have a timeframe to share. Odd, considering the two watches are practically identical. Tear for more waiting. 🙁

Featured-image: Clockwork Synergy