Pixel Launcher with functioning Google Now panel ported by developer to all devices [no root]

Google’s “Pixel Launcher,” exclusive to their Pixel phones, brings a lot of unique features in a simple and beautiful interface. While you can easily download the APK to your device or customize Nova Launcher, the result was just not the same. Today, thanks to the work of developer AmirZ, a fully-functional version of the Pixel Launcher is now available for all of Android.

With the standard sideloaded version, you lose features like swipe right for Google Now and the “G-Pill” animation. Third-party launchers have never been able to access Google Now without system modification for as long as I remember. It’s a mostly seamless experience that is nearly identical to what you get on the Pixel—all except for round app icons and app suggestions in the app drawer.

The whole launcher is based on AOSP’s Launcher3, which was modified with code from the Pixel Launcher. What’s even more interesting is that the downloadable APK uses the same package name as the official Pixel Launcher from Google. The developer states this is required in order to keep the weather widget functional. Users on Reddit have reported successful results for the most part.

With a step like this in bringing a native Google Now panel to a third-party launcher, this could open up the doors for others as well.

Now, before you head to download the APK, you must note that it is not officially from Google by any means, so install at your own risk. The launcher doesn’t require root, and to install it, you must first uninstall the official Pixel Launcher on your device if you have it.

Anyways, you can grab the APK from GitHub here.

Featured-image: Droid Life