Chrome OS will add a night mode in the near future

Chrome OS, the browser-based computer operating system, is finally getting a native night mode. Night mode, also known as a blue-light filter, helps your eyes and sleep, particularly when using your device at night or before bed, by giving your screen a yellow or red tint.

While there have been 3rd party versions for Chromebooks in the past like G.lux, they didn’t cover the full screen and would often refresh when switching screens or loading web pages, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of a night mode.

Screenshot: François Beaufort

This night mode feature is now on the Canary channel of Chrome OS releases, which is the bleeding edge of Chrome OS. You can set it manually or on a schedule, which you can change in settings.

For those on the Stable (public) channel, you should expect the feature to be added in a couple months or release cycles.

Source: Google Plus

Featured-image:  PC-World