Xiaomi Android Nougat update list revealed

Xiaomi, one of the most popular Android OEMs overseas, is often called the “Apple of China.” However, the company uses a highly modded Android skin, which is known as MIUI, and there are a lot of people who heap praises on their efforts to bring new features on to Android.

However, this process means that a lot of customization goes in the background, and the Android core is the only thing that is even used. The OS differs so much from stock Android that it only feels like an Android because of the spec sheet.

Which phones will get the update?

We now have details on which phones will officially receive support from Xiaomi in the form of OS update to Android Nougat. The phones that will receive Android N are as follows:

The Mi lineup which is top of the line is expected to have first dibs on the update. A couple of devices, such as Mi5 and Mi 5s are already on Nougat. So we’re talking about: Mi4c, Mi4x, Mi4s, Mi5, Mi5s, Mi5s Plus, Mi5c, Mi Note 2, Mi Max and Mi Mix.

As far as the Redmi series goes, they’ll all get updated starting from the Redmi 4 Series, and Redmi Note 4 Series

Xiaomi’s Official Nougat Update List

What about Android O?

As we all know, MIUI is a heavily modded skin. This results in a very slow update schedule, as the OS modifications take time. The updates will first roll out to the Global developer ROM (Chinese), which will not have Play Services included in it. Then we can expect the update to the Global developer ROM (worldwide). After that, the updates will move to the Global beta ROM, for both Chinese and worldwide branches. After a couple of months, when everything works fine, you can expect an OTA update on your Mi device, which is probably running a Global stable ROM. So as far as Android O goes, if you are not on a custom ROM, you will have to wait for at least a year or two to see it.

There is still no news about MIUI 9 though, and it is something a lot of users are waiting for.

Source: ITHome