Essential Phone buyers will have to wait indefinitely now

Android co-founder Andy Rubin’s heavily-hyped phone, the Essential Phone, is now officially delayed. When it launched, Rubin said that it would ship to customers within 30 days, and it seems that hasn’t happened.

The phone was launched with an edge-to-edge, 5.7 inch (14.4 cm) display and support for modular-accessories, with a price tag of $699. It’s powered by a 3,040 mAH battery, which is smaller than usual for a phone of this caliber and size.

Essential has not said anything about the nature of the delay, which could be caused by anything from manufacturing issues to bug fixes to a “crap we can’t make this” delay. Do note that when a company doesn’t say anything about a delay, it’s probably something that’s pretty terrible.

Regardless, prepare yourselves for a long wait and don’t be surprised if the Essential Phone ends up like Saygus.