Amazon Prime Day is today, but I bought from eBay

In case you missed it, the hotly anticipated Amazon Prime Day is today (July 11), and for the first year ever, I’m a bit impressed. Some of the deals had me checking my wallet to see if I could shell out a little consumer impulse. This year, it doesn’t feel as if the retailer wants to just discount overstock items, especially after the barrage of negative feedback it received last year. Go check it out for yourself.

If you want to buy an Amazon Echo (and I have been considering this proposition for well over two years), today is the day. It’s down to $89 and that, my friends, is the best I have ever seen it. The Echo Dots are pretty decent, too, at $35. In fact, even other electronics like tablets, TVs, gaming consoles, and speakers boast some enticing offers.

But what do you actually need? I’ve been eyeing the Google Home very intensely for many months now, turning down some fairly decent deals in hopes that it would one day just make sense. Well, Google’s official eBay account decided to put the Home on sale for $99 (a tie for the lowest price it’s ever been), and also throw in a Gen. 2 Chromecast for the fun of it! Well, I bought three of these hot little numbers, because, well, why not?

Google Assistant is awesome. Chromecast is awesome. Music at home on demand is awesome. Reminders and phone calls from anywhere in my audible range are awesome. So my home just got that much more awesome!

Amazon, as good as its deals are, just hasn’t convinced me to enter into the unknown void that is Amazon. I don’t know where to go, in that world; I’m not comfortable with random third-party apps trying to run my life. I’m sticking with Google and the deal is ultimately just better for me, anyway.

You do you, I’ll be me. But hey, Amazon got me to spend $0.99 on a Litter Genie button, so the day wasn’t a complete loss. If you’re looking for other deals on Amazon, check out Android Authority’s updated list of tech offers.