Nougat update on some Moto X phones are rendering the nav bar unusable

The official roll out of Android Nougat for the Moto X seems to be plagued with issues. We are seeing users reporting that the Nougat update is rendering the Navigation Bar into a glorified placeholder.

Devices affected

  • XT1572
  • XT1572 BR
  • XT1572 EU


Earlier this year, when the phone came out,  Phandroid, had done a video on how they were facing the same issue and that their unit had a defective display. In the video, we can see the same issue at the 0:35-mark, where the navigation bar stops responding completely.

A lot of users on the Marshmallow ROM also faced this same issue, as can be seen in this video:

Why is this happening?

A couple of good folks at XDA have done their research on why the Nougat update is causing this, and there are three theories:

  1. The height of the navbar is wrong, changing it with BusyBox temporarily fixes this issue.
  2. There is not enough gel under the touchscreen.
  3. It is a hardware defect.

We have a unit in-house, which is facing the same problem. So far, we have tried:

  • Going to guest mode and coming back
  • Soft reset using software
  • Cache wipe
  • Hard reset using recovery

The service centers around are claiming that it is a hardware defect and that it will cost money to fix. However, with this problem being so common, it seems that there is more than meets the eye. Previously, we have seen the Moto G2 as well as the G3 face this issue as well.

One of our findings shows that there is indeed no touch response, no matter what ROM or recovery one is on. Some have had limited success with using TWRP touch based recovery. Others, not so much. Some have even tried downgrading to Marshmallow, but that has not helped either.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve got a Moto X and are experiencing this issue as well.

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