Everyone’s favorite chat app finally gets a desktop client

All jokes aside, Allo is actually a nice app, just one that is missing some big features. Earlier this year, we received some news that Google’s controversial messaging app, Allo, would be getting a desktop client sometime in the future—when, we did not know. But starting today, that change is finally here and here’s what the process is like.

The pairing process

Allo on the web involves visiting allo.google.com/web on your computer and then scanning the QR code that appears within the mobile app. You must be on version 15 or above of the app to access these features.

Courtesy of 9to5Google for the below screenshots, the process is fairly streamlined. Tapping “Scan QR Code” will launch the camera interface. From the screenshots, there is also a “Learn more” button that directs users to this support page.

The web client

There’s nothing much to say here but just that the web client is pretty much exactly the same as the app—both visually and functionally. Setup is done by scanning the QR code, and afterward, you can chat with your Google Assistant and other Allo/Google SMS contacts.

Google Contacts integration

There’s also a handy Google Contacts integration in this update. Tapping the messaging shortcut will take users directly to the existing conversation for those that happen to use Allo.

Well, Allo is still not perfect, but these are definitely some welcome changes for sure. Let us know your thoughts, comments, complaints, or jokes below about your favorite messaging app from Google.

Source: 9to5Google