After iPhone X announcement, Face ID masks are now on sale

We’ve always had the most interesting innovations come out from the Chinese B2B market, and in absolutely no time after the iPhone X announcement, a friend of mine came across this beauty.


There is nothing novel here. Just a mask which has cutouts for the eyes and the mouth. There is no nose cut out here though, so breathing at night with this on your face will definitely be difficult. 5/10.

As is tradition, a lot of parodies about new iPhones are always made, but removing the ever so convenient fingerprint sensor has apparently served up a business opportunity to those who make face masks.

However, if you look at it realistically, with the astronomically high fail rate of things such as iris scanners in real life, a thief is gonna have to work really hard to use your face to unlock a phone if he or she gets his hands on it.

Alternate title: Apple paves the way standardizing robbery masks

Thanks: Robert J

Source: Taobao (1) (2)