OnePlus brings its popular apps to the Play Store

App updates are something that every user wants. However, not all apps can be updated frequently. One such example of these kinds of apps are system apps. Since the system apps reside in the root directory, you need to update the entire OS in the form of an OTA to make sure you get those app updates.

Also, app updates via OTA’s mean that you have to test the software more vigorously, and that means that it will take more time to push out an update than required.

Xiaomi recently added a system apps updater option in the settings app in MIUI, in order to achieve this. However, this is not a very elegant solution. So, instead, OnePlus has gone ahead and put up the following apps on the Play Store:

The Oxygen OS apps are still system apps, so they still can’t be deleted, but they can now be updated through the Play Store. However, if you do want to delete them, a quick ADB command can do the trick.

ADB can be used to disable system apps

Just plug-in your phone, and uninstall them via the following lines:

adb shell
pm uninstall -k --user 0

At the time of writing, the apps are incompatible with the OnePlus 3, but the OnePlus team has said in its forums that a fix is on the way.

Source: OnePlus Forums