Google Assistant is fully integrated with WhatsApp but not with Allo

Google Assistant is really nifty when you want to get something done without using your hands. Using it to call or text someone on WhatsApp has always been a breeze, and the Google assistant recently added support for sending voice notes on WhatsApp as well. However, it still can’t send simple messages on Allo.

The team here at Pixel Spot tried making the change from Hangouts to Allo when the Web version of Allo came out. However, that did not go well, as we definitely did not enjoy the Allo experience. Our phones had to be connected all the time. At that point, we might as well just use Hangouts. After that, we have finally shifted all our communications to Slack, which has been pretty great for us so far.

“Ok Google, send an Allo message”

Allo: Not Going Anywhere?

I’ve seen how Google has been a full-blown ad-campaign for Duo in developing markets such as India and Brazil, advertising the features that it has in the form of YouTube ads as well as on billboards. It seems that Duo is all set to become a default app on all mobile devices that feature the Google app suite. However, there is no mention of Allo anywhere here, and it seems like it has almost been forgotten.

I will say one thing: I love the way Allo handles images. It does not send them in a chat bubble, but instead, let’s it occupy the entire screen. This is not a waste of space, unlike some of the HTC devices that Google is all set to invest in.

Images in Allo

So what’s next for Allo?

I have been asking myself this question a lot of times. I wonder what will be the fate of Allo now that it is out of media’s attention. Google Assistant, which was initially Allo-only, is now available natively on a large number of Android devices running Android 6.0+. This means that this exclusive selling point is no more. Perhaps, Allo will die a sad Google-style death. Who knows?

Google Allo
Google Allo
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