Android Tip: How to hide the persistent background task notification in Android 8.0

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Android 8.0 includes a useful feature with it which shows you the information about the background apps as persistent notification. These are the apps running in the background on your device. This helps you understand which apps are using screen overlays and which apps are running tasks in the background while you are using another app. It’s incredibly helpful if you want to know what apps are causing battery drain or running for too long in the background. If you’re on Oreo and are tired of snoozing that notification about apps running in the background, you can use these apps to permanently silence them.

Option 1: System Notification Snooze app

The app will hide the annoying “running in the background” notification. The app is small, easy to use, and doesn’t contain any obnoxious ads that might annoy you. All you need to do is keep it installed and this annoying notification will never appear again.

Option 2: AutoNotification app

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: Free+

While AutoNotification is a brilliant app with a host of features beyond a paywall, you can use the free features to accomplish today’s goals. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

AutoNotification > Notification Blocking > + > Android System, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Option 3: Partially Hide

If you don’t want to install any app and make the notification smaller in size, you can do so easily.

Changing the priority of the notification will hide non-system notifications and doesn’t require a special app. Just slide the offender to the side (long-press works too) > gear icon > more settings.


While I do agree that the notification is useful, I have a bad habit of swiping away at everything that shows up in my notifications. Having a persistent notification there fuels my inner demons. Maybe you, too, find it annoying just like I do. Or perhaps, you like a clean notification center.

Featured Image: Android Police

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