Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL leak in full, courtesy of Evan Blass

We are really excited about one of the hottest device launches that are going to happen this week. In fact, we will be covering it with a live blog on Wednesday morning. Today, we now have an idea of what the new Pixels’ home screen and phone bodies will look like, courtesy of Evan Blass on Twitter.


A redesigned launcher

A lot of criticism has been directed at how Google needs to tailor the experience of using the Pixel devices for users. It seems that “Pixel-exclusive” features are set to increase. The Google search bar, which generally sits on top, is seen here getting a translucent/adaptive effect. The key Google apps sit on top of it, followed by the arrow/swipe-up for launching the app drawer.

Reminders and calendar schedules sit on top, replacing the search bar’s previous location.  It makes sense for the search bar to sit at the bottom, given the large size of the phone.

Dual, front-facing speakers

As has been confirmed many times, there is no headphone jack on this device. Making up for the lack of it are two front-facing, stereo speakers: one on top and one on the bottom of this device.


I think the case makes the bezels look larger than they actually are. The bezels still seem larger than what the screen protector leak showed. Renders are weird. Many renders look ugly or weird but the device looks way better in person. I am not entirely sure, but I’m certain that it’s just a render thing. We all should remember how we talked about the ugly Pixel 2016 renders, but the in-hand feel of the device was fine.

And here’s a good look at what the smaller Pixels are going to look like:

Judging by the size of those bezels, I’m guessing the smaller variant will be more of the “s” upgrade, similar to previous iPhones.

Source: Twitter (Evan Blass)