Exclusive: Amazon Prime Music launch imminent in India

Initially, subscribing to Amazon’s Prime package meant that you get unlimited free deliveries, no matter your order amount. This was followed by the launch of various other services, which are bundled into your Prime subscription. As per our sources, Amazon’s Prime Music has finished beta stage trials in India and launch is imminent.

What we have been told by our sources is that there will be no extra costs involved and that people who have subscribed to Prime will get unlimited access. This is the same way that Prime video works in the country.

The Prime Music app

There are reports that there will be a bunch of local content, as Amazon has teamed up with music labels in India to provide content for its subscribers.  Initially, we fully expect quite a bunch of Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali and Punjabi songs to be included. This might be followed up by more deals with recording companies.

Playing catch up in the primary department: Sales

However, this might not be an end to all of Amazon’s woes. Flipkart is the biggest competitor of Amazon in India, and they have claimed to have managed to beat Amazon in the festive sales that took place in the country. The final numbers are going to be decided after return rates, but none of the two companies reveal such data, so it’s anyone’s guess about what is going on.

However, it is certainly a trend that Amazon is becoming sloppier in India. Recently, a bunch of scammers used its seller program to constantly change names and sell fake products while gathering user data under the guise of massive discounts. Amazon has even started an internal probe. Online giant Amazon, which has invested over $2 billion in India, definitely does not want to miss out on India like it did in China.