Google just dropped a huge hint about its smartwatch future

Google might have added a slew of new hardware products at its launch event Wednesday, but it quietly tucked away its Android Wear smartwatch section on the Google Store. Now, the Google Store doesn’t provide a link to purchase Android Wear products. Instead, you’ll have to head over to Amazon to purchase them.

The first reaction of the tech industry was either of two things: one, Google doesn’t want competitors interfering with its new business model of building both hardware and software or two, Google is highlighting its priorities—smartwatches are coming last. Sure, these are reasonable conclusions, but what’s the motive?

Removing this section is removing a chunk of revenue; if Android Wear devices don’t sell, manufacturers won’t license Wear anymore, and Google misses out on the money. From what we can tell, removing the Android Wear section is just bad business.

That is unless Google wants to make its own watches. Back in 2015, before Google released its Pixel phones, they still had a section advertising Samsung, LG, and other Android phones. That was, of course, removed to make way for the Pixel phones.

It would only be logical to conclude that Google’s doing the same with its watch section: removing the others to make way for a Pixel Watch.

The leaks haven’t started yet, but expect them sometime in the near future: the Pixel Watch, rumored for many months now, might just become a reality.

Featured-Image: Android Police