[Update: Fixed] Not just you: Snapchat is down worldwide

Snapchat, the photo-based social media and messaging platform suffered a major outage today. It started at around 11:00 PM EST. There have been numerous reports on Twitter, and the hashtag #snapchatdown is currently trending.

Update 10/9: Fixed.

Reportedly, a couple of users earlier were facing issues in sending snaps. Now, however, snaps are fine, but chat is down.

This problem is affecting both the iOS and Android platforms. Here are some more screenshots:

The website DownDector is also reporting outages:

We’ll keep you informed if there’s anymore changes.

Update 10/9: Based on recent reports, it looks like everything with Snapchat is back to normal. If you’re still experiencing any issues, you might want to contact Snap.

Source: Twitter, DownDetector