[Update: Teasing by Razer] Razer is working on building a “mobile device,” to be ready by end-2017

Razer’s gaming products are one of the most iconic peripherals of the last decade. For a lot of people, gaming products are synonymous with products made by Razer. In an interview with CNBC’s Managing Asia, Min-Liang Tan, the CEO and co-founder of Razer, said the following:

Update 10/11: Teasing by Razer.

“One of the most hotly rumored things about Razer is that we’re coming up with a mobile device. And I can say that we are coming up with a mobile device specifically geared toward gamers and entertainment.”

Nextbit Acquisition

In January 2017, Nextbit was acquired by Razer, and all 30 employees of the company were absorbed into Razer. Nextbit was to operate as an independent division inside Razer, focused on unique mobile design and experiences. However, it is entirely possible that Razer decided that it is worth entering the market with a phone that differentiates itself from the other devices that are available in the market.

Gaming and Razer

Razer is a favorite among many PC gamers because of the quality of the mice that they make. The Chroma Deathadder is my personal favorite and having used it I can say that it is definitely expensive but worth the money. If and when the company does come out with a phone, it is going to definitely be targeted towards the gaming crowd and will feature a design similar to the other products that Razer has in its portfolio.

RGB All the Things: A Possibility

I fully expect the next phone by this company to have an RGB indicator light, RGB physical/capacitive buttons, RGB speakers, RGB fingerprint scanner, and RGB slide-out keyboard. (Oh, a man can dream.)

A proposed moto mod which never came into being.

Instead of a small notification light, the entire right(or left) side of the phone could be a lighting panel.

It can be set to do things like countdown like a loading bar, an improved torch, a brighter notification light. It can be used as a lightbar to show how much battery is left.

On Gamers and Mobile Devices

Min-Liang went on to add:

“The mobile market is one of those that we’ve taken a long-term view to look at … We realized that a lot of our gamers are also passionate about the mobile gaming market, so we’ve done a couple of moves,”

Clearly, the acquisition of Nextbit was the first step in what seems to be a long-term plan of entering the smartphone market. Perhaps it will only be an enthusiast phone, but more competition is always good, and I am always in when it comes to RGB.

Update 10/11: Well folks, this could very well just be it: Razer’s first smartphone. A brief teasing on Twitter today and on Razer’s website reveals the company’s “biggest unveiling” will be live streamed on November 1st.

Along came the following image:

I mean, c’mon, it’s got to be a phone by just looking at that.

End of Update

Featured Image: Galaxy A5 Neon Flip Cover

Source: CNBC

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