OnePlus opens up about Project Treble support

While OnePlus has impressed many of us with the release of Android Oreo for the OnePlus 3/3T and the OnePlus 5, a lot of people were very disappointed to know that OnePlus has no plans for adding Project Treble support to any of their current devices, including the recently released OnePlus 5T. Today OnePlus decided to take their time and talk about why they took such decision.

One of Project Treble‘s prerequisites is allocating a storage partition. This partition should include the separated vendor-specific code so that the main Android OS framework remains intact. This way the Android OS framework can be updated without needing the OEM to rework their proprietary code, remarkably speeding up the updating process. However, since this partitioning process was not required till the release of Oreo, none of OnePlus’ current flagships features a vacant vendor partition. After some experimenting OnePlus came to the conclusion that such a modification to the partition layout via an OTA update can potentially brick the device. Therefore, OnePlus chose to play it safe and skip supporting Project Treble to avoid such a huge risk.

OnePlus also recognizes Project Treble’s role in speeding up the Android updating process, more specifically the Android framework updates, which involves major-OS upgrades like the recently announced Android Oreo update. OnePlus ends its statement with the promise of remaining determined to provide stable well-polished major-OS upgrades as fast as possible. So far, their performance on that front can only attest to their commitment. They were unquestionably among the first companies to update their current devices to Android Oreo.

It’s not the first time to see OnePlus taking their time to explain their decisions. Thankfully, this was the case with their decision of not supporting Project Treble. After all, Google would have made it an undebatable requirement for Android Oreo, if they knew OEMs could work their way around it.

Source: OnePlus Forums

Featured-Image: Android Authority