OnePlus Switch app released, makes migrating data much easier

During OnePlus’ last event in New York, OnePlus took the opportunity to inform the people about their plans for the coming future. One of them is to make migrating data to the user’s newly purchased OnePlus device a much easier experience by releasing an app called OnePlus Switch. Yesterday, OnePlus Switch has been released on the play store, marking OnePlus’ first steps to making the app available for the discerning users to download.

One of the app’s headlining features is its support for a wide range of data, including call logs, messages, and photos to name a few. Sadly you can’t restore your applications’ data since there will be some compatibility issues most probably. What makes this app more convenient is how speedy things get done. OnePlus Switch claims to migrate all your data in a matter of minutes. Should that be long enough to get bored, the app will show you progress with fun animations—a nice gesture, OnePlus.

The installation procedure is very simple. Simply visit the link below and tap on install. Once the app is installed, open the app and grant it all the permissions when prompted, and you are good to go. The app offers the option of both sending or receiving data, though you will have to install OnePlus Switch on your other device to complete the process.

The app offers the option to either send or receive data with a very simple UI.

However, given the fact that the app is still in the beta phase, the process might not be that seamless yet – I personally wasn’t able to scan the QR code on my OnePlus 3 to get my data transferred to my OnePlus 5. Other users are reporting surprisingly slow data transfer speeds and unexpected crashes upon installing. It may take a while till the app becomes mature enough, but hopefully, OnePlus doesn’t take much time ironing out the reported issues with a new beta release soon. For those keen to install OnePlus Switch on their devices, click on the following link, and let us know if you encountered any issues in the comments section below.

OnePlus Switch
OnePlus Switch
Developer: OnePlus Ltd.
Price: Free

Source: Android Police