ICYMI: Google plans to offer further control on reminder ads

Google has recently rolled out further granular control for you on what kind of targeted advertising that you see. You can now control what kind of reminder advertising you see from advertisers.

You can modify which kind of reminder ads you see from the Google Ads Settings dashboard

This category of advertising targets you with products that you might have glanced at while going through a website. One example of such advertising could be a nice pair of boots you looked at but decided against it because you wanted to look at other choices or decided it was not worth the price. Now, the website you looked at could target you with advertising about the product you looked at whenever you look at an ad served by Google. While this can certainly be useful if you had forgotten about something you looked at, repetitive ads like these can be incredibly annoying.

These settings are now visible in apps and on websites that show you these kinds of ads. Google says that this feature will be rolling out to Search, Gmail, and YouTube over the course of this year.

Google also announced that it is adding more features to “Mute this Ad.” One of the new features is that the ads you block will be synced across the devices which have your Google account signed in. Apart from that, Google announced plans to work with partners to bring ad muting to various third-party websites.

Source: Google