Google Home can now set alarms to your favorite music

When you set an alarm on any Google Assistant enabled device, the default alarm tone was used when the alarm was triggered. This is all set to change now, as per a Google Blog post.

“Hey Google, set an alarm for 7 A.M that plays Dua Lipa”

Starting today, you can set an alarm on any Google Assistant enabled device by saying… “Hey Google, set an alarm for 6 AM that plays [insert favorite musician].” However, you can’t set this as the default behavior for alarms, so if you don’t use this as an exact keyword the older beep alarm will be triggered. There should be an alarm tone setting in the Google Home app, as it would make it a little easier to use this feature.

Other Assistant Updates

Also starting today, you can now search for showtimes about TV shows that you watch and get reminders for when the particular show airs. Google says that it has worked with Netflix to make sure that when you ask the Assistant to play something from Netflix, it instantly loads up on your viewing device. You will need to link your Netflix account in order to make this feature work for you.

Source: Google