Google puts gaming on its radar with “Yeti”

For years gaming has been largely dominated by the PlayStation and the Xbox, in an endless duel to prove themselves worthy of what they serve to the die-hard enthusiastic gamers. Well, maybe that is about to change in the near future. A recent rumor from The Information suggests that Google is eyeing gaming by launching a new gaming streaming service called “Yeti”–no pun intended.

If things stand true, Yeti should be Google’s ticket to enter the gaming arena by offering a subscription-based service more akin to Sony’s PlayStation Now. For those who are unfamiliar with it, the user would have to pay subscription fees to access a vast collection of games to be streamed over the internet to a remote device. Clearly, Google will make good use of its cloud services in the process. With Yeti being a Google service, one could only assume that it should be compatible with Chromecast devices, even though it isn’t clear how would a controller be paired to a Chromecast device.

However, it has been lately suggested that Google is also planning on launching its own made-by-Google gaming console, whereas the idea has been experimented with by two of Google’s hardware executives, namely Mario Queiroz, VP of product management, and Majd Bakar, VP of engineering. From a gamer’s perspective, launching a gaming console alongside the service seems quite logical. And when you consider the fact that Google has recently hired Phil Harrison, a man who worked at Sony’s Playstation division for 15 years and at Microsoft’s Xbox division for 3 years as an executive, why wouldn’t you put much stock into that claim?

Source: The Information

Featured-image: Reuters