Google unveils new G Suite hardware

This week, Google unveiled a new set of hardware devices targeted at corporate environments and workplaces. The hardware aims to make video meetings fast, smooth and reliable. They will also feature seamless integration with G Suite.

Here is what the kit contains:

  1. 10.1″ touchscreen: The screen is 10-point touchscreen, with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The screen has HDMI capabilities and supports streaming from any supported device.
  2. Camera: The camera supports easy pan, tilt and zoom functions, which can be used to highlight and stream the meeting to other locations. It also has inbuilt face detection, which aids the zoom function.
  3. 360-degree mic: The mic is supposed to ensure that clear voice pickup occurs in a meeting and that there is no added noise inside a meeting room.
  4. Chromebox: The Chromebox is a Core i7 powered dedicated video accelerator, which is supposed to act as a dedicated video accelerator. It also sends updates to the other connected devices.

At $1999, this is an enterprise-focused product that is meant to further integrate into companies that use core features of the G Suite. This kit is going to supplement video conference based meetings and transition them into a smooth, crystal clear experience.

Source: G Suite Blog, Hangouts Meet hardware kit