Galaxy Note8 may be brewing some craft hardware: Force Touch displays

It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that the Galaxy Note8 may rock a pressure-sensitive screen. Samsung Grace UX included the ability to tap and long-press an app to display a bubble with additional options, much like Android 7.1.1 Nougat did when first released. But these were soft button enhancements. Will Samsung bring a force touch option to its fall flagship?

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Samsung Pay wants to bank in your pocket

Rumors are buzzing around the internet this morning about Samsung extending its proprietary mobile payment system beyond its own hardware borders. Samsung Pay, the Korean company’s own addition to the contact-less electronic transaction game, has traditionally only been available on its recent flagship devices, such as the Galaxy S and Note series. However, this could all change in the near future.

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Bixby Voice is finally released in the US

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+? Chances are you’ve heard some cool news about Samsung’s own voice assistant being installed natively on the S8 and outsmarting Google’s Assistant in terms of raw intelligence. You may have even searched through the thousands of settings options to find out how to activate an always-on listening feature. Well, wait no further: Bixby is here, and here to stay.

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HomePod on the range

Once again, Apple is last to the party. Fashionably late maybe, but late, nonetheless. Silicon Valley’s finest introduces a brand new device: A voice-controlled home assistant speaker. Just like everyone else.

As with most parties, it’s hard to appreciate a fashionably late arrival when the perpetrator hasn’t helped send out invitations, set up decorations, plan activities, or even bring a side dish. Pretty socially un-cool.  So did Apple bring something new to the table, or did it just copy everyone else (again)? Continue reading “HomePod on the range”

Amazon Prime Day is today, but I bought from eBay

In case you missed it, the hotly anticipated Amazon Prime Day is today (July 11), and for the first year ever, I’m a bit impressed. Some of the deals had me checking my wallet to see if I could shell out a little consumer impulse. This year, it doesn’t feel as if the retailer wants to just discount overstock items, especially after the barrage of negative feedback it received last year. Go check it out for yourself.

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I changed my mind and bought a Galaxy S8

A few months ago, I wrote a piece on why I would not be buying the Samsung Galaxy S8 this year. My reasons were entirely related to software. It was the pesky TouchWiz (now Grace UX) makeover and bloatware apps that prevented me from shelling out the greenbacks for the 2017 model Korean flagship. And yet, my daily driver is now a Galaxy S8. How did this happen?

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Samsung releases Bixby Voice preview for the Galaxy S8/S8+

Samsung announced the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ back in April at its Unpacked event in New York. Aside from some revolutionary and amazing hardware, a new software user interface, and some other neat tricks and perks, the Korean technology company took a long time to share with its attendees a new virtual assistant, exclusive to the new line of smartphones: Bixby.

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Opinion: Android O is just Nougat with sprinkles

Each year, millions of Google loyalists expectantly await the release of their smartphone’s new mobile operating system. And every time, changes take a little getting used to, but ultimately improve both battery life and productivity. Usually, there’s even an element to aesthetic updates which heighten the excitement of the general masses. But in the year 2017, Android fans may be a little disappointed.

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