Android Pay and Google Wallet officially get rebranded as Google Pay

It would be hard to deny that we have anticipated such a move a long time ago, especially when Google hinted at it earlier last month. Today, Google has pulled the trigger and merged both its Android Pay and Google Wallet services into a single unified payment service under the name of Google Pay.

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Weekend Poll: Do you use a blue light filter for your phone?

Commonly branded as ‘night mode,’ a blue light filter does exactly what the name says—it filters the blue light of your phone by turning your screen to an amber-like color. By filtering the blue light of your smartphone, it can make it easier to look at your screen or read in the dark and can even help you fall asleep more easily. Many phones nowadays come with this basic feature built-in; however, users of older devices may have to resort to a third-party app such as Twilight to get this functionality.

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Google puts gaming on its radar with “Yeti”

For years gaming has been largely dominated by the PlayStation and the Xbox, in an endless duel to prove themselves worthy of what they serve to the die-hard enthusiastic gamers. Well, maybe that is about to change in the near future. A recent rumor from The Information suggests that Google is eyeing gaming by launching a new gaming streaming service called “Yeti”–no pun intended.

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OnePlus 5T Review Part 1: A solid all-rounder

Silently setting their own trend of taking the holidays by a storm, OnePlus refreshed its flagship lineup with the OnePlus 5T. While last year’s T model brought us slightly upgraded internals, OnePlus has decided to change the phone’s looks this time around. And that’s for a very good reason – the OnePlus 5 looked too 2016-ish for a lot of the discerning customers. In a world where companies almost literally cut the corners to trim the screen bezels as much as possible, the OnePlus 5 touted chunky chins and an outdated design. Not to mention the camera woes in low light conditions.  

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Upcoming possible improvements to Android Runtime

Android Runtime (ART) is the heart and soul of Java applications running on Android. Ever since ART was revealed as a developer setting in Android KitKat, I was fascinated by the details of how the apps that I used on a daily basis actually ran on the device I was using, which at the time was a Nexus 4.

There are many parts of the runtime, which includes the compiler, garbage collector, interpreter, and ART’s internal files such as OAT and dex files. I will focus on the runtime’s upcoming new internal file named “Compact Dex” and what it means for the end user.

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Google adds Pixel Visual Core support to major social media apps

Last year, the Mountain View giant had its first go at making its own SoC in collaboration with Intel. The result was a creation called “Pixel Visual Core,” a co-processor aiming at further enhancing the image quality and the overall camera experience. However, this SoC has been dormant since the Pixel 2 launch and was only recently unleashed by Google after the Oreo 8.1 update, promising better HDR+ processing and dramatic increase in processing speed. While that sounded like music to our ears at first, many apps did not support it just yet, until now.

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