Xiaomi Roundup: Mi 5X, MIUI 9, and more

Xiaomi tends to make the news every week, with its new launches and one year anniversary in India coming up, there are a ton of new leaks and rumors doing the rounds. Xiaomi tends to keep its big bang releases delayed until the latter half of the year, and that time is almost here.

One of the biggest anticipated news is that of MIUI 9. MIUI is Xiaomi’s take on Android, and it is one of the most controversial skins around, with equal parts of hatred and love going for it. Thus, it is kinda obvious that any news about MIUI 9 is sure to make waves. However, a new device launch is also around the corner. The device touted the Mi 5X, is an incremental step down from the erstwhile flagship. However, it is being targetted towards the young audience, and the threat seeming stems from other Chinese manufacturers that are giving Xiaomi fierce competition in China and India, one of the key markets for these manufacturers.
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Bixby Voice is finally released in the US

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+? Chances are you’ve heard some cool news about Samsung’s own voice assistant being installed natively on the S8 and outsmarting Google’s Assistant in terms of raw intelligence. You may have even searched through the thousands of settings options to find out how to activate an always-on listening feature. Well, wait no further: Bixby is here, and here to stay.

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HomePod on the range

Once again, Apple is last to the party. Fashionably late maybe, but late, nonetheless. Silicon Valley’s finest introduces a brand new device: A voice-controlled home assistant speaker. Just like everyone else.

As with most parties, it’s hard to appreciate a fashionably late arrival when the perpetrator hasn’t helped send out invitations, set up decorations, plan activities, or even bring a side dish. Pretty socially un-cool.  So did Apple bring something new to the table, or did it just copy everyone else (again)? Continue reading “HomePod on the range”

Google Duo reaches 100 million downloads on the Play Store

Google Duo has certainly received less criticism than that of its sister-app, Allo. Of course, it’s not battling issues like “SMS fallback” and whatnot, and it’s still not perfect, but more or less, it’s definitely a solid app, and today, Google’s video calling application has crossed another milestone today—100 million downloads on the Play Store.

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