Here’s how to easily fix the Yahoo Answers “infinite scroll” bug in Chrome

A little over a week ago, we brought attention to the “infinite scroll” bug on Yahoo Answers where, if using Chrome, answers would fly straight down the page before you could even glance at them. After being a known bug for nearly two years now and Yahoo not bothering to do anything whatsoever about it, I’ve scavenged the internet and finally found a simple solution to this mess.

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Xiaomi Mi A1: First Impressions

Being the Xiaomi aficionado of the site, I was absolutely excited to see Xiaomi partner with Google to announce an Android One branded device. There is so much that is just perfect with Xiaomi hardware—it’s cheap, it’s competitively priced, and lasts long. However, I am very clear on one thing: I absolutely abhor MIUI. The custom take that Xiaomi has on Android is no less than a devil child, and the first thing that I did after buying my current Xiaomi was to flash LineageOS on it.

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