5 things the Pixel 2 must include

The Pixel is by far one of my favorite smartphones ever, but it’s far from perfect. I’ve owned quite a few Android devices, and while the Pixel delivers an experience like no other, it is a good time a wishlist was compiled for Google to consider for the second generation Pixel.

1. Waterproof it

We believe this will happen, as a Google insider leaked the information in a tweet not long ago. But I don’t want a mere IP67 rating. The current IP53 is a joke for a flagship device, though I’m absolutely willing to forgive it since the tech giant had very little time for the first generation Pixel. But we are talking Pixel 2. If even Apple has finally gotten on the water-resistance bandwagon, then we know Google has absolutely no choice to do so—the Pixel 2 has to be able to swim with the big fish.

2. Stereo speakers

It’s possible that these are some of the worst speakers (or should I say “speaker,” since one is a dummy?) on a flagship device since a long time ago. The sound quality is pretty bad, the volume is dismal, and the location is literally the worst. It’s almost impossible to use the phone in landscape mode and not cover up the tiny speaker and nearly mute even the loudest of music videos or games. What a tragic experience. The Pixel 2’s got to include either stereo speakers like the iPhone 7 or dual, front-facing speakers like the Nexus 6P (kind of sad considering the Pixel came after it).

3. A faster fingerprint scanner

The current Pixel’s fingerprint scanner is not slow by any means. But that doesn’t mean Google shouldn’t take up the initiative to improve it, especially considering it may be using the same one found on the 2015 Nexus 6P. Even budget phones like the OnePlus 3T and the Moto Z make the Pixel feel noticeably slower in comparison.

4. Reduce the bezels!

Boy does the Pixel and Pixel XL have some large bezels, and I’m sure you’re already aware of it. While I don’t feel there’s a need to start a mini rant here, I’ll just convey my point: please Google, get rid of those bezels.

5. Uniqueness

The Pixel 1 is still a phone—same shape, same style, same functions, etc. It’s just better at doing the same thing. Google clearly knows how to innovate, and I think it’s time it does something different. Maybe try getting rid of those bezels for a start, eh? 😜

Source: CNET (featured image)