Google appears to be testing another new search UI on mobile

Google has a knack for testing a lot of its updates and changes through server side changes, and it appears there’s another one for its search engine on Android.

Now, I use Chrome Beta and am on the beta for the Google app on my Nexus 6 and both have this new search interface. However, it doesn’t seem to be limited to beta apps only, as it appears on Chrome stable as well.

As you can see, everything is now in a more rounded, card-style layout. The “top stories” and “popular on Twitter” sections are also more prominent. There’s also the four colored Google dots hanging out in the corner of search results; though, I have no idea what they’re for, as tapping on them simply just opens the link.

Personally, I think the new UI looks great for knowledge graph information and what not but regular search results don’t look so great in my opinion. I feel, compared to the previous one, they look a bit plainer and “boring” if I must. It’s not so much the style, but the color of that blue and the layout of some of the text.

Anyways, I’m on version 60.0.3112.50 of Chrome Beta and version of the Google app if you wanted to know. Let us know your thoughts about the new look in the comments below.

Featured-image: Droid Life

  • André

    I got this new ui today also