This is the world’s largest microSD card: 400 GB

Sandisk has unveiled the world’s largest microSD card today, with 400 GB of space and transfer speeds of up to 100 MB a second. That’s 40 hours of full HD videos, with transfer speeds of over 1,000 photos a minute.

With this new SD card, mobile users will now be able to download more and more: that is if your device has an SD card. iPhone users haven’t been able to enjoy the benefits of, for all practical purposes, unlimited storage space. However, Android device users with Android Marshmallow or higher will be able to use adaptable storage with their phones, making this SD card a great choice for avid photo-takers, movie-watchers, or frequent flyers who want to binge-watch episodes of their favorite TV show.

The price for one of these cards is $249.99 (209.96 EUR), but it’s recommended that you wait a bit before you buy one, so you can get it for a lower price.

Do you think that 400GB is too much for a phone? How much do you normally use? Let us know in the comments.

Source, Featured-image: SanDisk