How to get true Google Now integration in Nova Launcher

Just a couple days ago, a developer released a modded Pixel Launcher with a fully functional Google Now pane. We hinted that this might spread to other launchers in the near future, and quite sooner than expected, the one and only Nova Launcher is adding true Google Now integration in its latest beta update today.

There are no gestures or anything else needed. Just the simple swipe right, exactly like in the Google Now and Pixel Launchers.

So how do you enable it? Pretty simple actually.

First, you will need version 5.3beta1 of the Nova Launcher app. So either make sure you’re enrolled in the Nova Launcher beta on the Play Store or, alternatively, you can grab the APK from APKMirror.

Next, you will need to install the Nova Google Companion, which again, you can grab from APKMirror.

From there on, you’re set. Nova will automatically detect the add-on APK and there’s no more additional tweaking needed. Not to mention, this works with or without Prime.

Source: Android Police; APK Mirror (Nova 5.3beta1), (companion)