Android Tip: Broken push notifications on Android ROM

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An issue many may run into when installing a custom ROM and restoring their apps with Titanium Backup may be broken push notifications. Why is this and how can you fix it?

The simple answer is that while you restore the app and your data, you’re restoring the data for notifications on a “different” device. If you clean flash your device, Google sees your phone as a different phone, and so when you restore the data those push notifications are being sent to another phone.

You may run into this if you aren’t receiving WhatsApp notifications, Tumblr notifications, or any other notifications. Some apps handle the switch fine, but those two apps are the two biggest. The simplest fix is to simply install the app properly and freshly, then sign in as normal instead of restoring a Titanium Backup.

In the case of broken notifications with WhatsApp, you can make use of the chat backup feature in settings, and if you forget to, you can restore data of it to quickly do a chat backup and then reinstall it through the Play Store.

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