Oppo is working on a bezel-less device named “Oppo Mix”

It seems that the trend of bezel-less phones is beginning to catch on. Oppo, one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of cell phones, is working on a bezel-less device, which is unsurprisingly going to be named as the Oppo Mix.

According to GeekBench, this device is going to be running Android 7.1.1 Nougat and will be powered by the MSM8998, which is short for the Snapdragon 835 chipset. There are not many more details about this phone, but there is a leaked image of this device out as well.

Knowing Oppo, this means that it will be a China-only launch, and it will run it’s modded OS on top of Android. We’ve already seen Vivo start using face unlock technology in its advertising, so we are certain to see that come over to this device.

OnePlus to go bezel-less route too?

It is an open secret that Oppo designs and supply chains are used by OnePlus to sell its devices. The reference designs and engineering departments do certainly crossover when it comes to companies owned by BBK Electronics. This means that if this phone is a success, we can certainly expect a similar looking device from OnePlus later next year. Regardless of that, it will certainly be interesting to see if this device forgoes the headphone jack since OnePlus said that it listens to its consumers and have hence provided a jack on the OnePlus 5.

There is no word on whether the Oppo Mix will feature any form of waterproofing. It would be nice if it does feature some form of water resistance, kinda like how the iPhone does it. There is no word on the pricing of this device either. However, it is certainly sad that there are no plans to ship Android Oreo on this device.  Google services are not really popular in China so there are fewer chances of this device featuring the latest and greatest in Android anyway.

Source: GeekBench, Weibo