Galaxy Note8 appears in new, real-world leaked pictures

Enough with render leaks, the Galaxy Note8 has just been leaked in real-world photos in all its pixelated glory, courtesy of, who took them down shortly thereafter. See for yourself:

galaxy note 8

As you can see above, Samsung still seems to not have learned that the fingerprint sensor is in an absolutely terrible spot, so purchasers of this $1000 (£920) or so phone will still have to deal with finger-stretching. The design remains nearly the same, except the thin bezels got even thinner.

It does come with a dual-camera setup if that’s what you’re looking for, but, as with all Note phones, the biggest selling point is the S-pen stylus. A generic third-party stylus won’t provide the same experience as the S-pen, and it’s a crucial feature for many business/work-oriented people.

The biggest hurdle for Samsung is to see if people will shell out one grand for the S-pen and dual cameras: the screen size is nearly the same as the Galaxy S8+ (6.3 inches) so that traditional selling point is now moot. If consumers decide that a thousand dollars is pushing the envelope a bit too far, it’ll be another Note disaster for Samsung, but this time, they’ll be burning money, not phones.

Featured-image, Source: SlashLeaks