Galaxy Note8 may be brewing some craft hardware: Force Touch displays

It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that the Galaxy Note8 may rock a pressure-sensitive screen. Samsung Grace UX included the ability to tap and long-press an app to display a bubble with additional options, much like Android 7.1.1 Nougat did when first released. But these were soft button enhancements. Will Samsung bring a force touch option to its fall flagship?

Samsung does take the liberty to offer slightly different features in its operating system overlay than are available in stock Android. Said enhancements include removing the app home screen shortcut, selecting more than one app or widget for removal or folder storage, and even clearing a notification badge (so that you won’t see those pesky 1700 unread emails staring you in the face every day).

While yes, the iPhone 6s brought the technology to its market populace Q3 2015, it turns out that Huawei, a Chinese OEM, actually produced a device with the feature a few weeks before Apple made its debut. Not a huge point, but worth noting, nonetheless.

If rumors are true, the Note8 will represent one of the first mainstream Android devices to include a fully pressure-sensitive display. This is significant because we know that while Samsung and Google tend to not get along on certain fronts, the two tech companies absolutely coexist for each others’ better good. Google software tends to find itself riding on the backs of purebred Samsung hardware, eagerly racing to cross the finish line of your home’s threshold. Perhaps many more Android phones will follow suit and bring a whole new dimension of depth (literally) to smartphones in 2018.

Should that be the case, Sammy will receive credit for taking Google’s Android (bar any qualms from Huawei or Apple). Let’s face it: the Korean giant has copied a couple things here and there but frequently takes some pretty big risks (last year’s example was lit).

Hopefully, Samsung isn’t like a local hipster brewery that is experimenting on its clientele with a new, unknown, wacky flavor. If force touch on the Note8 is real, we the people will want a tested, working product. Will it happen?

Source: The Investor