Official: Google to announce new Pixel phones on October 4th

Thinking of changing phones? Well, Google just announced that it’s holding an event for its two new phones on October 4th.

After Apple’s event, it’s Google’s turn now to introduce its next-gen high-end smartphone The new generation of Pixel phones will be launched on October 4th,  the same date it introduced the original Pixel phone.

Google has confirmed this through a new advertising campaign featuring an official landing page and  a video with a list of popular queries people ask about their phone on the search engine:

As the video suggests, the Pixel 2 should address all the aspects one would expect from a new flagship smartphone: a better camera, better battery life, and more storage. Google even goes as far as teasing us about an upgrade on Google Assistant (Pixel’s big selling point) with the inquiry: “Why doesn’t my phone understand me?”

Just like last year, we are expecting to see two versions of the Pixel 2: regular and XL. Rumor has it, HTC will build the smaller Pixel model while LG the XL version, and it’s expected to pack a new Snapdragon 835 chip and 64/128GB storage.

Source: Made by Google, YouTube