Yahoo Answers “infinite scroll” bug comes to Chrome on Android

You fix one thing, you break another. Just when we thought the Yahoo Answers “infinite scroll” bug was done and dusted, it seems to have sprung back up again; this time, on Android.

Initially, when the bug was present on desktop, the mobile site worked fine. Now, after the desktop bug has been fixed, it looks like the mobile site has gotten the annoying scroll behavior. Lovely!

Spotted by our own Andrew Wang, it looks like this bug is limited to Chrome on Android. However, I haven’t been able to test it on an iOS device yet.

The bug is reproduced on the latest version of the stable release of Chrome for Android: v61.0.3163.98. I haven’t been able to find any bug reports for this as of now. Edit: Thanks to Earl Desuba in the comments, there’s already a thread on Yahoo Answers for this topic.

The only workaround, it seems, is to either use a different browser entirely or simply request the desktop site.

Compared to the previous desktop bug, I will say that the mobile one is just a tad bit more bearable because you’re able to “manage” the scrolling easier. But nonetheless, Yahoo, get. this. fixed.

  • “You fix one thing, you break another.”

    Yahoo is notorious for doing that.

    The new glitch seems to be in reverse and scrolling back up, on the list of questions.

    “I haven’t been able to find any bug reports for this as of now.”

    It’s a harbinger of the fun ahead. Give it time, and brace for the avalanche.

    • Thanks for the find! I’ve updated the post accordingly. 🙂