HomePod on the range

Once again, Apple is last to the party. Fashionably late maybe, but late, nonetheless. Silicon Valley’s finest introduces a brand new device: A voice-controlled home assistant speaker. Just like everyone else.

As with most parties, it’s hard to appreciate a fashionably late arrival when the perpetrator hasn’t helped send out invitations, set up decorations, plan activities, or even bring a side dish. Pretty socially un-cool.  So did Apple bring something new to the table, or did it just copy everyone else (again)? Continue reading “HomePod on the range”

Poll: Which upcoming smartphone are you most likely to buy?

Fall is coming and several smartphone flagships have yet to be revealed. Of course, there has been rumor after rumor, but today, I wanted to ask you what would be your top choice for an upcoming smartphone? Also, feel free to comment what price point you think they should be set at and what features you feel it should include. The poll is embedded below.

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